A new world of Nerd!!

Hi everyone it's Elblondino here.

Many years ago I used to be all like bloggery and stuff and do social media and all sorts. Well the last few years have kind of been a wasteland with regards to me doing all that lol. 

Well it's ok cos ..............I'M BACK!!!!!!

I'm now a self employed Illustrator and recently been diagnosed ADHD which is kind of why i've always been so flaky with stuff like this 😏. I'm determined to show off all of the projects and weird nerdy side bits that I'm working on and here is the start!! The blog has been updated I have a dedicated instagram (elblondino_workbench) and the first post is here in front of you. Lets get back out there.

To start with I thought I'd show what I'm painting at the moment. A nice unit of stormtroopers for Star Wars Legion. They're so much fun to work on and I'll show some more when I've got them finished.

So for now welcome to the new improved Elblondino's Workbench and keep on creating those awesome models guys and gals. 


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